You can access the enormous science and technical information expanded in the world ’Gate for Discovery ’.
Our Mission - To contribute to the Advancement of the Science and Technology of Japan and the rest of the World via the Flow of Chemical Information


With the explosion of knowledge in the 21st century, we are deluged by a constant flood of new information on science and technology emerging from every corner of the globe. The key to success, in this vast sea of information, is to effectively retrieve and use relevant information for the support of R&D, intellectual property management, and the many pro- cesses of manufacturing.
No single person can expect to find and extract the most useful information on science and technology from the staggering amounts of information published. This is where a secondary information database comes into play. Yet to truly function as intended, a secondary database must effectively collect information, process and compile it in an easily accessible form, and offer comprehensive functionality to help users reach and analyze the information of the most use to them. Without these capabilities, a database will offer no true value.
To accomplish its mission of "promoting the progress of science and technology in Japan and the rest of the world as a portal of chemical information," JAICI has been working as an information support center dedicated to the growth of science and technology in Japan, especially in the field of chemistry. Our services include access to STN for integrated searches of various databases, access to SciFinder (CAS) for use by researchers, maximum customer support through workshops and help desk services, and access to scientifically valuable information, such as crystal structures. We also offer retrieval and search services backed up by years of accumulated knowledge and experience.
We are fully committed to promoting the development of science and technology for future generations by providing vital information and truly useful services to customers from various disciplines and industries.

────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Kazuhiko Onuma
Japan Association for International Chemical Information