Our Mission
Contribute to the Advancement of Science and Technology in Japan and the Rest of the World as a Portal to Chemical Information


"Information Big Bang" ─ in the age of information, we are deluged by ever-growing waves of updated science and technology information pouring in from every corner of the world. The key to navigating R&D and intellectual property management in this sea of information is to get the information on your side ─ or select and use the most relevant information precisely and efficiently ─ so that you can dominate the creation of new knowledge and the expansion of corporate value.
Finding the most relevant information from the astronomical amount of science and technology information is no longer something an individual can do alone. This is where the secondary information database comes to play an important role. Yet databases are worthless unless they can quickly deliver the right information to the right searcher. Databases must allow users to reach the exact information of interest, comprehensively analyze retrieved information, and collect, process, and accumulate information in easy-to-use forms.
As a central portal to scientific information with the mission of "contributing to the advancement of science and technology in Japan and the rest of the world," JAICI has provided high-quality database services for science in Japan, especially in the fields of chemistry. In addition to providing an integrated database search tool, STN, and SciFinderⁿ for researchers, we deliver maximum support for users through workshops and help desk services. We also offer a variety of fact databases such as for crystal structures and mass spectra, as well as software such as for drug discovery and crystal structure analysis.
Furthermore, based on our accumulated experience, we provide IP search and analysis services in the fields of medicine, chemistry, and biology, technical terms dictionary with thesaurus, and highly accurate machine translation adapted to chemical substance names.
We will continue to contribute to the advancement of science and technology to support our future by providing genuinely useful, viable information and services for those who are active in wide-ranging areas.

Akira Ichii
President of JAICI