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MEDLINE ファイル - 構造化抄録 (Structured Abstract) の見出し語追加

MEDLINE ファイルは,医学情報を収録する文献データベースです.

構造化抄録 (Structured Abstract) では抄録をいくつかのパラグラフに分けて収録しています.
各パラグラフは見出し語 (BACKGROUND:, CONCLUSIONS: など) が付いています.

2012 年 10 月現在,データベース全体の約 9.5% にあたる約 208 万件のレコードに構造化抄録が収録されています.

このたび,各パラグラフの見出し語が 304 語追加され,見出し語が 1,949 語になりました.
すべての見出し語のリストは,NLM のこちらのサイトより入手できます.

<表示例 (ALL 表示形式)>

AN 2013013670 MEDLINE (IN-PROCESS) DN PubMed ID: 23024723 TI Exposed versus buried wires for fixation of lateral humeral condyle fractures in children: a comparison of safety and efficacy. AU Chan Lester Wai Mon; Siow Hua Ming CS Department of Orthopaedics, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore, 229899 Singapore. SO Journal of children's orthopaedics, (2011 Oct) Vol. 5, No. 5, pp. 329-33. Electronic Publication: 2011-07-28. Journal code: 101313582. E-ISSN: 1863-2548. L-ISSN: 1863-2521. CY Germany: Germany, Federal Republic of DT Journal; Article; (JOURNAL ARTICLE) LA English FS NONMEDLINE; IN-DATA-REVIEW; IN-PROCESS; NONINDEXED ED Entered STN: 2 Oct 2012 Last Updated on STN: 2 Oct 2012 AB INTRODUCTION: Displaced fractures of the lateral condyle of the humerus are usually treated with open reduction and fixation with smooth Kirschner wires. These may be passed through the skin and left exposed or buried : exposed wires. The aim of this study was to compare the safety and efficacy of exposed and buried wires. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective cohort. METHODS AND MATERIALS: Children with lateral condyle fractures of the humerus who had undergone surgery were identified from our departmental database. Case records and X-rays of 75 patients were reviewed. RESULTS: Forty-two patients had buried wires and 33 had exposed wires. There were no serious complications in either group. In the exposed wires : of the patients showed loss of reduction, deep infection, or any other complications requiring additional procedures. DISCUSSION/CONCLUSIONS: There was no statistically significant difference in the rate of complications between the buried and exposed groups. We conclude that open reduction and exposed wiring is a safe and effective option for lateral condyle fractures, and recommend a period of 4 weeks of K-wire fixation followed by 2 weeks of backslab immobilisation as adequate for union with minimal risk of infection.

◆ 参考

1,949 語の見出し語は,さらに広義の分類である 5 つの見出し (BACKGROUND, CONCLUSIONS, METHODS, OBJECTIVE, RESULTS) に分類されます.


また,STN の MEDLINE ファイルでは広義の見出しを,フィールドの存在 (FA) フィールドで検索することができます.

=> E A/FA 25
**** START OF FIELD ****
E3           0 --> A/FA
E4    12867345     AB/FA
E5      878043     BACKGROUND/FA ★
E6     9329525     CN/FA
E7     2067218     CONCLUSIONS/FA ★
E8    11867150     CS/FA
E9     3835244     EML/FA
E10     355616     FTDOI/FA
E11    1931294     METHODS/FA ★
E12     161749     NA/FA
E13    1426729     OBJECTIVE/FA ★
E14    1474440     OS/FA
E15    1542067     RE/FA
E16    2006344     RESULTS/FA ★
E17    6579860     RN/FA
E18    2136369     ST/FA

S OBJECTIVE/FA(P)キーワード  ← 構造化抄録の目的 (OBJECTIVE) のパラグラフ内で


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