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2005 年 6 月 14 日 (火) STN 関連
【新ファイル】RUSSIAPAT ファイル - 新規搭載のお知らせ
ロシア特許のデータベースである RUSSIAPAT ファイルがリリースされました.収録概要は下記の通りです.

  • 収録期間 1994 年以降
  • 収録情報
    • 発明者
    • 出願人
    • 特許情報
    • 出願情報
    • IPC
    • 明細書中のすべての図面
  • 標題と抄録は英語
  • 基本索引で中間一致検索,後方一致検索が可能
  • レコード数 284,518 (239,733 イメージ)
  • 更新 3回/月
  • アラート実行頻度  更新毎

AN        2005:010242   RUSSIAPAT  ED 20050610
IN        Kuprijanov V.D. (RU) 
PA.AS     Pjatigorskij gosudarstvennyj tekhnologicheskij universitet (RU) 
CA        355001, g.Stavropol, pr. Poljarnyj, 9-1, V.D. Kuprijanovu
DT        Patent
LA        Russian
PI        RU 2253951          C2   20050610
AI        RU 2003-105436      A    20030225
ICM       (7) H05B033-20
LSRU      DPR Effective Date of Priority Right   20030225
          DFP Date of First Publication          20040920
AB        FIELD: electric luminescent light sources.
          SUBSTANCE: at least two non-transparent electrodes are applied to dielectric substrate,
          which electrodes are positioned in same plane with space relatively to each other.
          Continuous dielectric layer is applied to electrodes, on top of which continuous layer
          of electro-phosphor is formed in linking agent. On top of said layer of phosphor in
          linking agent transparent electrode is applied in form of layer of dispersion tin oxide,
          containing 0.2-1.1 percents of mass of antimony, received by processing tin oxide
          serially by fumes of antimony chloride and water at 140 - 180.degree.C with following
          baking in the air at 700-900.degree. in linking agent at relation (80-20) - (20-80)
          percents of mass, while as said linking agent butadiene-nitrile rubber. On top of said
          at least two electrodes polymer layer can be additionally applied, including
          low-dispersion carbon in butadiene-nitrile rubber.
          EFFECT: higher stability, higher reliability.
          2 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl, 10 ex
FA        TI; IN; PI; AI; ICM; AB; GI; GI.EM; GI.DRW
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