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2005 年 7 月 26 日 (火) STN 関連
REGISTRY ファイル - 実測物性値を追加
REGISTRY ファイルは,化学物質および配列情報の物性データ (計算値,実測値) を収録 しています.このたび,REGISTRY ファイルの 25,000 物質に対して,下記の出典から約 34,000 件の物性値を追加しました.

  • “Hazardous Substances Data Bank”(the National Library of Medicine (NLM))
  • “PhysProp”(Syracuse Research Corporation of Syracuse, New York (SRC))
  • “Drugs ? Synonyms and Properties”(Ashgate Publishing Co. (APC))
  • “International Chemical Safety Cards”(the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH))

これらの出典情報は /PSO フィールドで検索することができます.


=> E APC/PSO **** START OF FIELD **** E2 17314816 ACD/PSO E3 3694 --> APC/PSO E4 877478 CAS/PSO E5 1028702 INFOCHEM/PSO E6 1295 NIOSH/PSO E7 3687 NLM/PSO E8 12752 SRC/PSO **** END OF FIELD ****

【実測物性値表示例 (SAM EPROP 表示形式)】
=> FILE REGISTRY => S 87-33-2 L1 1 87-33-2 (87-33-2/RN) => D SAM EPROP L1 ANSWER 1 OF 1 REGISTRY COPYRIGHT 2005 ACS on STN IN D-Glucitol, 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-, dinitrate (9CI) ADDITIONAL NAMES NOT AVAILABLE IN THIS FORMAT MF C6 H8 N2 O8 CI COM Absolute stereochemistry. **PROPERTY DATA AVAILABLE IN THE ‘PROP‘ FORMAT** Experimental Properties (EPROP) PROPERTY (CODE) | VALUE | CONDITION | NOTE ======================+========+================+========== Melting Point (MP) |70 deg C| |(1) APC Melting Point (MP) |70 deg C| |(2) NLM Melting Point (MP) |70 deg C| |(3) SRC Optical Rotatory Power|+135 deg|Solv: ethanol |(1) APC (ORP) | |(64-17-5) | | |Temp: 20 deg C | | |Wavlen: 589.3 nm| Optical Rotatory Power|+135 deg|Solv: ethanol |(2) NLM (ORP) | |(64-17-5) (1%) | | |Temp: 20 deg C | | |Wavlen: 589.3 nm| (1) "Drugs - Synonyms and Properties" data are provided by Ashgate Publishing Co. (US) CAPLUS (2) "Hazardous Substances Data Bank" data are provided by the National Library of Medicine (US) (3) "PhysProp" data are provided by Syracuse Research Corporation of Syracuse, New York (US) See HELP PROPERTIES for information about property data sources in REGISTRY.
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