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2006 年 5 月 22 日 (月) STN 関連STN Easy
CAplus/CA ファイル - 1900-1906 年の米国特許が追加収録されました
CAplus/CA ファイルに 1900-1906 年の米国特許が追加収録されました.

■ 収録源:Univentio

■ 追加されたレコード数:約 10,000

■ 収録内容:書誌情報と抄録のみ.索引はありません.

■ レコード番号:

  • CAplus ファイルの AN フィールド  "1906:nnn"
  • CAplus ファイルの DN フィールド  "0:nnn"
  • CA ファイルの AN フィールド  "0:nnn"
■ 注:この追加レコードはアラートの対象にはなりません.

■ レコード例 [ALL 表示形式]

AN   1906:53932  CAPLUS
DN   0:53932
IN   Ostwald, Wilhelm
PA   Germany
SO   U.S.
DT   Patent
LA   English
     PATENT NO.          KIND   DATE        APPLICATION NO.        DATE
     ---------------     ----   --------    --------------------   --------
PI   US 798528            A     19050829    US 1903-181403         19031116
AB   To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, WILHELM OSTWALD, doctor of
     philosophy and professor, a subject of the King of Saxony, residing at
     Linnestrasse 2/3, Leipsic, Saxony, German Empire, have invented new and useful
     Improvements in Processes for Reproducing Designs, Pictures, Letter-Press, and
     the Like, of which the following is a specification.  The problem in all
     reproducing processes consists in applying color to predetermined parts of the
     receiving-surface while leaving other places free.  According as this process
     is to consist of an alternation between a uniform application of color and a
     ground remaining unaltered or of a constant gradation of the color from a
     greatest strength to a zero value in the unaltered ground, line and half-tone
     processes may be distinguished.  In order to form a reproduction, the spacial
     differences corresponding to the picture must be made to appear upon the
     receiving-surface.  The most simple method of effecting this is by mechanical
     means-as, for example, in ordinary letter-press printing, where the ink is
     mechanically applied by means of an even roller upon the projecting faces of
     the characters from which the reproduction is made.  In lithography the
     different behavior of the fatty design and of the wet ground with respect to
     fatty ink (which only remains adhering to the fatty design when rolled) serves
     for producing this spacial arrangement of the ink.
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