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CAplus/CA ファイル - 1870-1889 年の米国特許が追加収録されました

CAplus/CA ファイルは,世界中の科学技術分野の学術論文,単行本および 51 ヶ国 3 国際機関の特許を収録する文献データベースです.

このたび,1870-1889 年の米国特許が追加収録されました.

■ 追加されたレコード数:約 14,500

■ 収録内容:書誌情報と抄録のみ.索引はありません.

  * 検索する際は,キーワー ドを基本索引で検索してください.

■ レコード番号:

  • CAplus ファイルの AN フィールド  "1906:nnn"
  • CAplus ファイルの DN フィールド  "0:nnn"
  • CA ファイルの AN フィールド  "0:nnn"

  • ■ レコード例 (ALL 表示形式):

    AN   1906:64832  CAPLUS
    DN   0:64832
    IN   Baynes, John
    PA   de Forest, Lockwood, USA
    SO   U.S.
         CODEN: USXXAM
    DT   Patent
    LA   English
    INCL 156062000; 40-615; 156-251; 156-253; 430-5
    CC   29 (Leather and Glue)
         PATENT NO.          KIND   DATE        APPLICATION NO.        DATE
         ---------------     ----   --------    --------------------   --------
    PI   US 418674 A                18900107   US 
    AB   To to all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, JOHN BAYNES, a subject
         of the Queen of Great Britain, and a resident of West Chester,
         Westchester county, New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement
         in the Manufacture of Transparent Patterns, of which the following is a
         specification.  In the manufacture of certain articles, or in the
         ornamentation of such articles-as, for instance, in the ornamentation of
         the backs of watch-cases, the surfaces of vases, salvers, and various
         useful and ornamental objects, it is now the practice to employ
         transparent patterns consisting of glass with the pattern painted thereon
         by hand, which pattern is used between the object to be ornamented and
         the source of light, the rays of light passing through the pattern and
         acting photographically or otherwise to produce or aid in producing the
         desired result.  The method of making such patterns by painting the
         desired matter upon the glass sheet is expensive, and the patterns so
         produced, unless carefully made, will present ragged edges, and are
         liable to permit a partial passage of the light at the parts which should
         be absolutely opaque and impenetrable.  In order to overcome these
         objections, I produce the patterns in a manner which I will now describe,
         reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which-Figure 1 is a
         perspective view of a prepared plate illustrating my improvements.  Fig.
         2 is an edge view illustrating one manner of using the completed
         pattern-plate, and Fig. 3 is an edge view illustrating another manner of
         employing the pattern-plate.


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