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CHEMLIST ファイル - REACH 関連情報が収録されました

CHEMLIST ファイルは化学物質の規制に関するデータベースです.特に世界の主要な既存化学物質台帳における物質収載状況を調査することができます.

このたび当ファイルに REACH 関連物質が収録されました.

REACH(Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)規則は,平成19年6 月からスタートした,欧州における化学物質の総合的な登録・評価・認可・制限の制度です.(注:農薬や医薬品は対象外)

REACH に関する詳細情報は、以下のウェブサイトを御覧ください.

■CHEMLIST ファイルに REACH 規則の下記の情報が収録されました.

  • 免除されている物質 (Exempt from Registration, Annex IV, EC 1907/2006)

  • 製造に関する制限を受けている物質 (Dangerous Substances and Preparations, Annex XVII, EC 1907/2006)


  • RSTR フィールド または EECL フィールド

■レコード例 (IDE EECL 表示形式)

AN    279820  CHEMLIST
RN    4682-01-3
      Hydrazine-trinitromethane (ELINCS)
      Hydrazinium nitroformate (ELINCS)
      Hydrazine, compd. with trinitromethane
FS    EEC: ELINCS;  Restricted Chemical Lists: RSTR
CBI   Public
RLN   ELINCS No.: 414-850-9
      EEC No.:      414-850-9
        ELINCS Publication,  URL:http://ecb.jrc.it/new-chemicals (Mar 2005).
        ELINCS Classification:  E, R 3; O, R 8; Carc. Cat. 2, R 45; T, R23/25;
        R 43.  ELINCS Dossier No:  94-03-0279.
RSTR  EU REACH:  Exempt from Registration, Annex IV, EC 1907/2006 <--- REACH 情報
FA    RN      CAS Registry Number
      RLN     Regulatory List Number
      INV     Inventory Status
      RSTR    Restricted Chemical Lists
      EECL    European Community Legislation
 ==== European Community Regulations ==== 
EECL  European Community Legislation
      Official Journal of the European Union, No. L 396 (30 Dec 2006).
      REACH:  Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006; Directive 2006/121/EC. <--- REACH 情報
      This substance is classified as a dangerous substance by Directive
      2006/121/EC of the European Parliament and the Council which amends
      Directive 67/548/EEC.  The manufacture, placing on the market and use of
      this substance is restricted.  Classification:  Carcinogens:  category 2.
EECL  European Community Legislation
      URL: http://www.europarl.eu.int (21 Oct 2002).
      Directive 76/769/EEC relating to restrictions on the marketing and use
      certain dangerous substances and preparations classified as carcinogens,
      mutagens or substances toxic to reproduction (CMR) was approved by the
      European Parliament.  This chemical substance is one of the 25 chemical
      substances banned for sale to the general public. This chemical
      substance is listed under Carcinogens: category 2.
EECL  European Community Legislation
      Chem. Regul. Rep. 27 #13:446 (31 Mar 2003).
      The European Parliament added this substance to the list of chemicals
      that cannot be sold to the public due to health concerns. This chemical
      substance was classified as carcinogenic and toxic to reproduction.


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