Products & Services

JAICI offers the following products and services in Japan. For further detail, please click on links of each product to visit the manufacturer's website.
▶ STN (EN) (JP) An online database service that provides global access to published research, journal literature, patents, structures, sequences, properties and other data.
▶ SciFinderⁿ (EN) (JP) A research discovery application that provides unlimited access to the world's most comprehensive and authoritative source of references, substances and reactions in chemistry and related sciences.
▶ PatentPak (EN) (JP) A robust new patent workflow solution available in SciFinder and classic STN to support retrieval and analysis of full-text patent information across organizational workflows.
▶ MethodsNow (EN) (JP) The world's largest single source of published analytical and synthetic methods.
▶ NCI Global (EN) (JP) Online service to retrieve regulatory information for chemical substances
▶ CAS Source Index (CASSI) Search Tool Online resource intended to support researchers and librarians who need accurate bibliographic information
▶ FIZ AutoDoc
 (Document delivery service)
Document delivery service of the journal documents and the patents information retrieved from STN or SciFinder
▶ FIZ PatMon
 (Patent Monitoring service)
Monitors publications and legal events for domestic or international patent families
▶ CAS Full Text Options (EN) (JP)
 (Document delivery service)
Service to link to the full text of journal documents and patents information retrieved from STN or SciFinder
▶ Computer Readable Service (EN) (JP)
 (Document delivery service)
Service to match chemical names, CAS Registry Numbers®, or MOLFILE connection tables in SDF format against our substances database
▶ Chemical Suppliers - CHEMCATS
 (EN) (JP)
Provision of registration service to CHEMCATS which offers a catalog information on commercially available chemicals
▶ Client-services (EN) (JP)  
  ▶ Chemist Consultation
    Substance Identification (EN) (JP)
Service to provide your chemical substance with CA Index Name and CAS Registry Number® on request
  ▶ Inventory Expert Service (EN) (JP) Provision of CA Index Name and CAS Registry Number® on request for TSCA application
  ▶ Registry Lookup Service (EN) (JP) Exact computer match of chemical name or CAS Registry Number® of your substances by CAS staff
  ▶ CAS Registry Number™ (CAS RN®)
    Verified Partner Program (EN) (JP)
Service for licensing the use of CAS RN® in web sites/products and verifying the accuracy of CAS RN®
Crystal structure and Mass spectrometry Database  
▶ CSD-System Database of crystal structures of organic and metal-organic compounds
▶ ICSD Database of inorganic crystal structures which includes minerals, ceramics, intermetallic compound, etc.
▶ CRYSTMET Metals and alloys crystallographic database
▶ NIST17 Database of reliable mass spectra developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
▶ Wiley Registry Database of the most comprehensive GC mass spectra developed by Wiley
Structural analysis Software  
▶ GOLD Docking program of protein and ligand which is based on the genetic algorithm
▶ DASH Software for crystal structure solution from the powder diffraction pattern
▶ CSD Solutions Access the CSD and all CCDC Application Software
▶ Combined Chemical Dictionary Various web service and DVD of Taylor & Francis Group / CRC Press
▶ Dictionary of Natural Products
▶ Dictionary of Organic Compounds
▶ Dictionary of Inorganic
  and Organometallic Compounds
▶ Dictionary of Drugs
▶ Dictionary of Marine Natural
▶ Dictionary of Food Compounds
▶ Search Service Search Service for patent and technology research